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You will find the treasures of Bulgaria in South-Eastern Europe, in the North-Eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Bulgaria has an outlet to the Black Sea and the Danube River. It has a territory of 110,994 square kilometers. The geographic location of Bulgaria in the transitional region between two climate zones provides for an exceptionally diverse climate, soil, vegetation, and animal life. The climate is temperate, with four distinguished seasons. It changes depending on the altitude and region – temperate and transitory continental, Mediterranean, maritime, and mountain climate. Bulgaria is a very bright and sunny country, with significant duration and intensity of the sunlight. The average annual sunlight duration is about 2 100 hours, and in some regions it can go up to 2500 hours!

bulgaria_lakeDiverse terrain shapes, wide valleys and fields, lowlands, high mountains and rivers will paint before your eyes the most picturesque landscape you have ever seen. You will be impressed by the majestic rock masses, crystal clear lakes and cool forests, filled with a pine-tree and herbs aroma. The mountains will provide you with favorable conditions for recreation and sport both in summer and winter. Bulgarian seaside resorts offer first-rate hotels with professional service, endless beaches, and everything you need for a complete vacation and relaxation.

grozdeBulgarian lands are world-famous for being environmentally clean, which allows the growing and breeding of diverse bio production. This is the only place where you can find such an abundant choice of dairy, meat, and honey products, as well as vegetables and fruits which are characterized by adequate nutrition quality with a rich and genuine flavor. They are produced based on the belief that true luxury comes from natural ingredients. Bulgaria is also world known as a wine-producing country. It has all the necessary natural conditions for high-quality fruit-growing, which is supported by a long-time tradition dating back to the ancient Thracians. The regular and moderate wine consummation protects the body from cardiovascular conditions and tumors.

Its healing effect is due to the resveratrol, a natural substance found in abundance in red wine. Resveratrol balances the rose_oilblood cholesterol level and protects the cells from free radicals. Today, vine-growing in the country is divided into 5 main vine-growing and wine-producing regions where modern wineries specializing in different types of wine have been built. The main wine centers include the Danube Valley, the Black Sea region, the Rose Valley, the Upper Thracian Plain (Gornotrakiyska nizina) and the Struma river valley. What has been recently occurring is to build spa hotels near the wineries, and to offer a menu based on the natural products used in wine making.

Bulgarian rose oil is among the most expensive and sought-after perfume ethereal oils on the international market. In certain years its price can approach that of gold, which hence has given it the name „liquid gold“. Bulgarian rose oil is used in therapy, in medication for treatment of chronic cholecystitis, gall duct diseases, and bronchial asthma. There are other products that also contain high-quality ethereal oils like lavender and peppermint oil that are widely used in cosmetic procedures, recreational massages and aromatherapy. Rose concrete kills bacteria, strengthens the skin, and heels wounds, burns, etc. e most precious gift of nature that you can enjoy in these lands is the treasure of natural mineral springs.

Bulgarian mineral springs – balneotherapy from the ancient Thracians up until today

mineralni-baniBulgaria is among the most abundant European countries in thermal water wealth and diversity. Not so many countries today, not only in Europe, but also worldwide, can compete with Bulgaria when it comes to abundance and diversity of thermal deposits. Their number in the country is the second biggest in Europe. So far, more than 600 mineral springs have been discovered and studied here, over 80% of which having healing properties and water temperature from 20 to 101 °C. Bulgarian mineral water varies in chemical composition, mineralization, gases, and microorganisms. Most of the mineral water issues from a considerable depth, which guarantees it to be crystal clear. Mineral water is well known for its ability to strengthen the human immune system.  It also helps purify the body from toxins.

Proper use of mineral water can have a beneficial effect when treating severe diseases. The Thracians, who inhabited these lands millennia ago, knew about the secrets of the healing power of mineral springs. Later, in Roman times, some of the most famous balneotherapy facilities were established here, like Hisar – the ancient Augusta, Kyustendil – Pautalia, Burgas Mineral Baths – Aqua Calide (later ermopolis), Sapareva Banya –eko_pateka_struilica Germaneya, Sliven Baths – Tanzos, and Sofia – Ulpia Serdica. Famous balneotherapy centers were built by the Roman emperors Trajan, Septimius Severus, Maximian and Justinian.

In Bulgaria you will find all well-known healing and recreational procedures – mud therapy, chromotherapy, thalassotherapy, aromatherapy, massages, etc. Local folklore and natural resources coexist here in perfect harmony with modern facilities and recreational compounds. Every spot in this small country has its own charm that can enchant the human heart. Bulgaria holds one of the top places in the world when it comes to diversity of herbs with great healing properties.

There is immense abundance of natural factors, combined with modern balneotherapy centers, provides the opportunity of all-year treatment. The mountain resorts provide various opportunities for disease prevention and treatment. Their main advantages include the beautiful nature, the clean air, the negative air ionization, as well as the numerous mineral springs with varying temperature and composition. The distinctive maritime climate combined with the healing mineral springs and mud baths provide perfect conditions for treatment, recovery, and relaxation all year round.

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