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Bankya is a town in the Sofia Region, Western Bulgaria, and is located only 15 km away from the capital city. Bankya is a national rehabilitation center for patients with cardiovascular diseases and for prevention of such. The town has cozy hotels and restaurants, cultural monuments, churches, a tennis compound and a race course.

Located at the foot of Lyulin Mountain, the town has distinctive surroundings with its abundant vegetation and sunny days, a temperate continental climate, and a light mountain breeze. The numerous sanatorium and resort facilities with highly trained medical staff determine the development of Bankya as a prestigious national and international resort, and at the same time, an environmental reserve for the capital city of Sofia. The traditional festivities of mineral water and longevity, called „Goreshtlyatsi“, are organized in the town every year in mid-July. It is believed that the water is most healing in these hottest days of the year – July 15, 16, and 17. For this reason, these days are acknowledged as the official holiday of the picturesque town.