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  1. The payment shall be made in BGN in accordance with the exchange rate of the Bulgarian National Bank for the day. Payments shall be accepted in cash, by debit and credit cards or by bank to an account of the TOUR OPERATOR.
    IBAN: BG43FINV91501016724834 /account in leva/ BGN/
    IBAN: BG16FINV91501016767515
    /account in euro/ EUR/
  2. The amount of the deposit due shall be from 30% to 50% of total package price, unless otherwise mentioned in the TOUR OPERATOR’S travel agreement. The CONSUMER shall pay in the deposit at the time of signing of this agreement unless other term is set forth.
  3. The final payment shall be made 20 (twenty) days before the travel date, unless otherwise specified in the TOUR OPERATOR’S Travel Agreement.
  4. Early bookings shall be valid in case of a reservation and payments of up to 100% made within the announced promotional dates.
  5. Any change in the name of a tourist or travel date under an early booking reservation shall be paid until the respective date at standard rates.
  6. In case of cancellation of a travel and impossibility to change the travel date, the CONSUMER who reserved and paid an early booking package shall lose 100 % (one hundred per cent) of the amount paid.
  7. A change in the price shall be possible in the presence of one of the following reasons: upon an increase of the prices of fuels, in case of a change in the value of the transport costs, change in the amount of the travel-related fees, change in the currency exchange rates that have taken place after the signing of the agreement.

The complete Terms and Conditions of Theia Tours OOD you will find here.