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The town of Devin is located in the Western Rhodope at an altitude of 710 m. This enchanting place is surrounded by centuries-old pine and spruce woods. The resort has restaurants providing a great selection of local meals, small private hotels and lodgings for people seeking a healthy lifestyle. With its numerous mineral springs and healthy climate, the town is among the top resorts on the Balkan Peninsula. Two modern spa compounds and a holiday village providing balneotherapy, mud therapy, paraffin and lye therapy, kinesitherapy and physiotherapy are available to all visitors. Devin water is used for gastrointestinal, gall, liver, kidney and urological diseases, as well as metabolic, endocrinologic, and skin problems.

It is also used for motor, nervous, reproductive, and cardiovascular system diseases, as well as for sports and prevention. Interesting visitor destinations in Devin are the Town History Museum and the St. Yoan Rilski Church. Тhe Shiroka Laka Architectural and Ethnographic Reserve is located 21 km away from the town. The region also includes one of the most beautiful and enchanting parts of the Rhodope mountains, the Trigrad Gorge, as well as a number of caves: Dyavolskoto Garlo (Devil’s Throat), Yagodinska, Haramiyska, etc.