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Pomorie was established in the 6th century BC as a Hellenic colony called Anhialo. The city is a seaside center of medical tourism.
The sanatorium resort is based on the healing properties of the famous Pomorie mud. The healing Pomorie mud is extracted from the firth lake located in the vicinity of the town. It is a natural product that constitutes from organic and inorganic compounds derived by various chemical, biological and microbiological processes in the Pomorie firth lake. The healing factors have a specific effect on the body mainly through a neuro-reflex path. The healing mud procedures help for significant activation of metabolic processes and are very effective in upper air passage diseases. The mud also has active anti-inflammatory properties. For quite some time, the wide beaches and modern mud therapy procedures have turned the city into a desired and sought-after place for vacation and treatment. The town also provides its numerous guests with perfect conditions for leisure, sport and various kinds of entertainment.