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Sapareva Banya

Sapareva Banya is located 75 km South-West from Sofia, at the North side of Rila. The natural resources, climate, and location of the municipality stimulate the development of balneotherapy, ecological and rural tourism. There are certain attractions that you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Sapareva Banya.

Here you can find the only European geyser fountain where the water temperature is 103°C. The geyser is in the central part of the town and is surrounded by a vast public garden and a restaurant bearing the same name. The geothermal spring pushes out an 18-meter jet of mineral water every 20 seconds. Visit the geyser at night when the colored lights at its base create a stunning effect. The recreational compound is just a few steps away.

The resorts and medical facilities are specialized for treatment of motor, peripheral and central nervous system and gynecological conditions, as well as acute and chronic poisoning and skin and upper air passage diseases, etc. A prehistoric settlement is located in the Kremenik area, where a number of archeological findings have been discovered, proving that the area has been populated from early and all through the middle and late Neolithic Age. The first inhabitants of the prehistoric settlement have come from the Struma river valley and represent one of the most ancient European civilizations. Numerous ancient Thracian monuments have been discovered, giving evidence that the Thracians valued the healing properties of the local mineral water.