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The town of Varshets was established around the mineral springs and its history is associated with balneotherapy. The town is located at the foot of the Todorini Kukli Peak on the Northern flanks of Stara Planina, in a large valley along the Botunya River.

Its ancient name, Medeka, means „hot boiling water“ and the current town motto says „Varshets – town of health“. The Thracian boy, the deity Telesphor, whose unique bronze sculpture from the 2nd century BC was discovered in the region, is the town symbol today. The mineral springs of Varshets have been used since Roman times, evidence for which are the discovered remains of Roman fortresses, Roman coins and small ceramic plates. Heart, nervous system and motor diseases have been treated in Varshets for the last 150 years. The water is suitable for general prevention, body strengthening, body and mental recovery from fatigue. The town is situated among vast forests. The air is clean, slightly moist and it has a soothing effect on every visitor.