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The town of Kostenets is located at the foot of Rila mountain, about 75 km South-East from Sofia. The world-famous ski resort Borovets is only 28 km away and Dolna Banya is 10 km away. The regional natural resources are the mineral springs with a temperature of 47 to 73 °С. The Kostenets municipality has 3 national resorts: Momin Prohod, Vili Kostenets and Pchelinski Bani. Here you will find peace and quiet, crystal clear air and healing mineral water.

The beautiful nature and the enchanting murmur of the waterfalls will satisfy the need for relaxation of even the most demanding guests. The springs have been well-known since Antiquity, as indicated by the preserved remains of Roman therms, balneotherapy facilities and nympheums. The municipality’s cultural heritage also includes 36 Thracian burial mounds, 20 necropolises and 11 ancient settlements. In your spare time you can also visit the 150-years old St. Michael the Archangel Temple (in the village of Kostenets), the St. Spas Monastery, the St. George the Great Martyr Temple, the St. Pantaleymon Church, the St. Ilia and St. Petka chapels. Here you will receive professional hospital treatment of internal and nervous diseases, rehabilitation, and a general maintenance of satisfactory body and mental health.