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Burgas Mineral Springs

The Burgas Mineral Springs are one of the most ancient Bulgarian balneotherapy resorts, located among a well-vegetated area, vineyards and fruit gardens 15 km North-West from the second biggest city on the Black Sea, Burgas. This big balneotherapy center has been prosperous for centuries under the name Aqua Calide, and later ermopolis, visited by patients from all around. The description of the wife of Emperor Tiberius ІІ who was successfully healed in Thermopolis still lives on.

She gave away her emperor’s mantle to the local church as a sign of gratitude. The resort is located at an altitude of 31 m. The summer is hot and the winter is mild to moderately cold. A wide range of healing procedures are applied here such as external balneotherapy in tubs and pools, mineral water drinking therapy, other balneotherapy and hydrotherapy procedures like healing gas baths, baths with herbal extracts and medications, healing showers, mud and paraffin therapy, healing gymnastics (incl. underwater), different forms of kinesitherapy, mechanotherapy, healing massages, underwater shower massages, ergotherapy, electro-light therapy, sun and air baths, swimming, healing sport games, healing field procedures, diet therapy, medication therapy, etc. In their spare time, in addition to the entertainment provided in the resort, patients have a convenient and easy way to visit the Black Sea city of Burgas and its landmarks.