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Sandanski is located at the South-Western side of Pirin mountain. Its vicinity is abundant in cultural, historical, and natural landmarks. It is believed that Spartacus of the Thracian Maedi tribe, a gladiator who became leader of the biggest slave uprising against Rome, was born and lived in the town area. The monument of Spartacus is one of the town symbols. The town is famous for its unique climate and mineral springs with a temperature of up to 83°C. The average annual temperature in this part of Bulgaria is 14.7 °C. The winter is mild and short and the autumn is warm and long. The mineral springs are an exceptional natural treasure due to their hydrocarbonate and sulphate content. The springs in Sandanski are graded 4th class on the Carstens-Alexandrov scale. There are 80 mineral springs along the valley of the Struma river, grouped in 13 troves.

Some of the best-known springs include the Turkish Bath, the Chrism Tap, Pariloto, and the new drilled well. The mineral water healing properties are used for water treatment of motor, central and peripheral nervous system diseases, as well as gynecological problems. Drinking of the water is recommended for gastrointestinal conditions. The town is acknowledged to be the best natural hospital for treatment of bronchial asthma in Europe. The resort is also recommended for treatment of skin allergies. 200 plant species grow in the St. Vrach Town Park. A stadium, a summer theater, an outdoor swimming pool and an artificial lake are also available to the town’s guests. 24 km South-East of Sandanski is the museum town of Melnik, and 6 km further on is the Rozhen Monastery, the biggest medieval monastery in this part of the country.