Seaside Resorts

seasideThe Bulgarian seaside is best known for its long sandy beaches, clear water and immense variety of resorts and vacation complexes. There is something for everyone – families, young fun-seeking adventurers or nature lovers who prefer a peaceful and quiet holiday. The Black Sea coast is a place of great wildlife variety – there are hundreds of rare bird species due to the fact that Via Pontica (one of the main bird migration routes) passes through the Bulgarian coast. Numerous wildlife conservation parks with riverside forests and beautiful landscapes located along the coast preserve many rare and protected plant and animal species.

The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast has been populated for thousands of years. You can visit precious historical memorials in many Bulgarian seaside towns and resorts – a fine opportunity to diversify your vacation and feel the atmosphere of ancient times. Among the most popular places of interest in the Old Town of Nesebar – UNESCO recognized cultural heritage site.

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast has the impressive 378 km of shore line, 70 beaches, many bays, picturesque estuaries with beautiful dense forests and a delightful mixture of mountain and sea climates. The beaches are worldwide popular for their fine, clean sand. Eleven Bulgarian beaches were awarded the Blue Flag in 2010 – a distinction recognizing a clean and ecological environment. The Black Sea is of low salinity and its tides are barely noticeable. It is excellent for bathing during the summer months. The summer temperature is moderate, rarely exceeding 28 degrees Celsius. The proximity of two mountains – the Balkan Range, in the middle of the Black Sea coast, and Strandzha mountain to the south – contributes to a pleasant and enjoyable climate. This gives an excellent opportunity to combine a seaside holiday with fresh mountain air.