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Vitosha Mountain

vitoshaAltitude of the Trails: from 1,650 to 2,290 m
Total Length: 20 km
Maximum Vertical Drop: 725 m
Longest Trail: 3.1 km
Lifts: 12

The ski slope on Vitosha Mountain is the nearest one to the capital city of Sofia – only one hour away from the city center. Ski Center Aleko is the oldest ski zone in Bulgaria and many argue that it is the most popular destination on Vitosha. It is located at an altitude of 1,800 m and the slope runs down the mountain in a northern direction. There are also great conditions for snowboarders and the terrain is very suitable for freestyle boarding. Vitosha hosted the National Snowboarding Championship in 2007 as well as the Open State Snowboarding Championship in 2008. A second ski center on Vitosha is Konyarnika – Vetrovala with an altitude of 1,507 m. There are also excellent conditions for night skiing at the Vitoshko Lale slope. The ski zones in Vitosha offer group and individual ski and snowboard instructions in several languages. Resorts also provide ski and snowboard equipment rental services.

In addition to these sports, there many other activities, you can engage in when visiting Vitosha. The highest peak of the mountain is Cherni Vruh (Black Peak) and it can be reached on foot even during the winter. The trek to reach the top is relatively easy and takes only one day. Cherni Vruh’s height is 2,290 m and this alpine adventure will show you the beauty of the mountain beyond the ski zones. Nature Park Vitosha is the oldest on the Balkan Peninsula. It preserves a great variety of plant and animal life, some of which is rare or endemic. The beautiful views of Park Vitosha are easily accessible for tourists because of a network of paths, routes, mountain hostels, lifts and rest areas. The Park is a great adventure both in summer and winter.