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Rila Mountain

Rila National Park is the largest in Bulgaria. It is situated about 100 km to the south of Sofia. The nature reserves Parangalitsa, Central Rila Reserve, Ibar and Skakavitsa are located within its territory. Rila mountain is beautiful both in summer and winter. Its scenic beauty is accessible for tourists due to a network of routes and marked paths. A favorite destination in Rila is Mount Musala – the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula (2,925 m). The winter trek to the top is a serious challenge and requires preparation and an experienced guide. The trek takes several days and in addition to Musala you may also reach some of the lower peaks of Rila. Two hostels are an excellent place to stop for a rest. The trek to the Seven Rila Lakes is relatively easy. If you are in a good shape and wish to see more of the mountain scenery you could continue on to Skakavitsa Falls. The mountain hostels offer starting points for various mountain treks.


borovetsAltitude of the Trails: from 1350 to 2560 m
Total length: 58 km
Maximum Vertical Drop: 1230 m
Longest Trail: 12 km
Facilities: 12

The oldest Bulgarian mountain resort is situated in the majestic Rila Mountain. Borovets was built in the end of 19th century. It is at an altitude of 1,300 m, 70 km away from Sofia and about 130 km away from Plovdiv. The ski season in Borovets lasts from the middle of December to April. There are three ski zones – Sitnyakovo, Yastrebets and Markudzhik. Markudzhik has the highest altitude. The ski trails Yastrebets and Markudzhik are a challenge for any skier and have been used in various competitions. Snowboarders can use some of the trails at the resort. On the high parts of Rila Mountain – ski senter Markudzhik – during the high season the snow cover reaches 2 m and affords excellent conditions for extreme skiing. Borovets has a children’s snow park with activities for young people and specialized ski training.

The hotels in Borovets offer various opportunities for recreation and entertainment off the slopes, with indoor swimming pools and spa centers in some of them. There are numerous restaurants, bars and clubs in Borovets. You can enjoy a wide range of Bulgaria, European and world cuisines. The area around the resort is rich in historical, natural and religious places of interest. 16 km away from Borovets are the scenic mountain villages of Beli Iskar and Govedartsi, and the nearby town of Samokov offers not only interesting sites to visit, but also important services, such as a hospital, post office, bank offices and supermarkets.


Total Length: 4 km
Longest Trail: 1,2 km
Lifts: 1
Ski Tows: 5

The resort of Malyovitsa is located approximately 80 km away from Sofia, also in Rila Mountain, at the foot of Malyovitsa Peak (2,729 m). The guests of the resort can make use of three trails equipped with ski tows. Facilities for children are also available. The ski runs start at an altitude of 1,600 m.


Total Length: 900 m
Longest Trail: 470 m
Ski Tows: 3

The resort of Panichishte is also situated in Rila. It is 84 km away from Sofia and about 40 km from Samokov, at an altitude of 1,350 m. Panichishte has two ski tracks – an alpine track and a children’s track. Three more tracks are located in the vicinity of mountain hostels. All ski tracks are services by ski tows.


Total Length: 4 km
Longest Trail: 800 m
Ski Tows: 8

The resort complex of Semkovo is located in the southwest part of Rila. It is 90 km away from Blagoevgrad, 190 km from Sofia and about 160 km away from Plovdiv. The altitude of the ski zone is between 1,600 and 1,750 m. The guests of the complex can enjoy seven ski runs with a total length of 4 km. The runs are services by eight ski tows.