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A Motley Culinary Festival to Visit

This culinary festival travels around the country in an effort to collect authentic recipes and to acquaint visitors with the diversity and wealth of Bulgarian cuisine. Chef contests and culinary demonstrations are held.
Where: In Bulgaria
When: It is most frequently held during the official holidays of the individual towns. For more information visit:

Festival of the Banitsa

banitsa2In the village of Banitsa in the region of Vratsa, the Banitsa has been celebrated for many years. Naturally, one event is the Most Delicious Banitsa contest. Visitors of the festival can taste a variety of different Banitsa and enjoy folklore song and dances.
Where: Banitsa village
When: In May

Festival of the Sudzhuk


This annual festival introduces visitors of the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa to the sudzhuk – dry spicy sausage. It is produced in this town and has various culinary applications. At the exhibition visitors can try different kinds of sudzhuk and learn more about how it is prepared.

Where: Gorna Oryahovitsa
When: Late May

Festival of the Yoghurt

kiselo-mlqko3In the town of Tran one can learn more about yoghurt by visiting the Yoghurt Museum located near (7 km) Tran, in the village of Studen Izvor. There is also an annual yoghurt celebration. Guests can sample genuine homemade yoghurt and dairy products.
Where: Tran
When: June

Festival of the Cherry

cherrySome of the most delicious cherries are grown in Kyustendil. The celebration of this fruit is held annually in Kyustendil. At the cherry exhibition visitors are encouraged to try different varieties of cherries. They can also learn more about dishes with cherries – jams, compotes and pastries.

Where: Kyustendil
When: June

Festival of the apricot

kaisiqTo try different varieties of apricots and foods with them, be sure to visit Tutrakan. There an annual celebration of the apricot is held, where in addition to tasting different varieties of apricots, one can sample the famous Bulgarian apricot rakiya, the Bulgarian brandy.
Where: Tutrakan
When: July

Sea of Wine

wine2The coastal town of Pomorie holds an annual celebration and exhibition dedicated to wine. During the event there is wine tasting and awards are given to the winning wine producer.
Where: Pomorie
When: August

International Honey Festival

Each year the town of Nesebar hosts the International Honey Festival. It not only allows guests to learn more about honey and other bee products, but also includes workshops where honey producers exchange knowledge.
Where: Nesebar
When: Late August

Festival of the Plum and the Troyan Plum Rakia

plumIn the village of Oreshak and the town of Troyan traditional annual celebrations are dedicated to this Bulgarian alcoholic drink. Folk music performances are augmented by a best home-made rakia (Bulgarian brandy) contest.
Where: Troyan
When: Last weekend of September

Festival of the Pumpkin

pumpkinPumpkin is widely used in Bulgarian cuisine. It is used to prepare tikvenik (pumpkin pastry), jams, creams and desserts. In Sevlievo one can explore these culinary delights during the annual Festival of the Pumpkin. Of course, there is also the largest pumpkin contest.
Where: Sevlievo
When: November