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Silkosia Conservation Park

Silkosia is a wood conservation park in Strandzha Mountain, situated between the villages of Balgari and Kosti. It includes part of the Veleka rives catchment and it is the oldest conservation park in Bulgaria. Here you can find a great variety of plants, some of which are rare and others typical for other geographic locations, which makes the place unique from scientific point of view. The end section of the park is filled with swamps.

Silkosia has rich fauna too – amphibian species are well presented – you can see green toad, tree frog, Greek long legged frog. Many interesting birds such as oriole, southern nightingale, black-headed little warbler, great white neck warbler, blackbird, jay, and common finch, different kinds of woodpeckers and raptors nest in the park. The mammals you can see here are wild cat, marten, wolf and wild boar.