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Ropotamo Conservation Park

The Ropotamo Conservation Park is situated 50 km south of Burgas. The firth of the river is one of the most intersting landmarks in the country. Lilies cover the surrounding small lakes, and thick woods grow around the river.

water_lillyThe Ropotamo river has sections of salt water running through it, as a result of the sea flow. This is the reason for the great variety of fish species found in the conservation park. There are 257 animal and bird species, 71 of which are endangered.

‘Water-Lily’ Conservation Park

This park is part of the Ropotamo Conservation Park. Its greatest attraction is the diversity of water-lilies and marsh snowdrops. Rare plant species grow in the woods that surround the park. The access to the park is limited. Visitors can enter the preserved territory only by a special bridge made from wood.