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Atanasovsko Ezero Conservation Park

The coast of the Atanasovsko Ezero (Atanasovsko Lake) is situated north of Burgas and its northern side is connected via a channel with the Black Sea. Due to this fact, the lake is filled with salt water, and its south side is used for salt production. In the lake there are over 230 plant species, among which hardwood bulrush, sea wormwood, and Black sea lavender. Many of the plants in the conservation park are endangered from extinction  and under the protection of the law. Some of the mammals found in the conservation area are vole, wild cat, otter and the smallest mammal in Europe – the extremely rare Etruscan Shrew.

The biggest treasure of the Atanasovsko Ezero are the birds – in such a small area one can see 70% of all bird kinds found in Bulgaria – over 300 bird species, 12 of which are facing extinction worldwide.