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Zheravna is also an architectural and ethnographic reserve with more than 150 houses, a candle works, a small school, a nunnery, a church, taps, inns and shops preserved from the Revival period. The village is located on the South-Eastern flanks of Eastern Stara Planina and was found between the 12th and the 14th century. It gradually became rich by developing crafts, stock-breeding and trade. The distinctive format of a Zheravna house was formed, built entirely of roughly processed oak with eaves up to 2 m deep and wooden window shutters. The exterior of the houses not always shows the interior abundance of forms and details and in particular the wood-carvings and appliqués on the room’s walls, doors, windows and furniture. Houses, churches, and schools have been preserved and turned into museums today. Zheravna is one of the most attractive Bulgarian locations.