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The town of Melnik is a museum and a historical town; it is the smallest town in Bulgaria. Here you can enter the past watching the picturesque small houses with tiled roofs, narrow streets and stone roads. Cozy hotels, pubs offering traditional Bulgarian cuisine, wine cellars and souvenir shops – this is what Melnik provides today. The red wine you will taste will make you doubt that real wine can only be found in France. Melnik wine has rich taste and aroma. The wineries are well-known far beyond the borders of Bulgaria. Wine production has been developed here for hundreds of years and its secrets are passed from one generation to the next. The climate is suitable for growing different grape varietals.

One of the unique varietals of the town is the „Wide Melnik”. The town’s landmarks also include the Pashov house (the Town National Museum), the Kordopulov house (a private museum with a wine cellar) and the remains of medieval churches. The Rozhen Monastery, one of the several medieval monasteries preserved in relatively good condition up until today, is located in the vicinity of the town. You also won’t be left untouched by the incredible natural environment of the Pirin region and the Melnik sand pyramids, a unique miracle carved by nature.