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Koprivshtitsa is unique with its nature, endowing with abundant vitality with its history preserved for centuries and its matchless cultural monuments. More than 380 architectural and historical monuments are preserved here, part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage. The rich history and the preserved popular customs and folklore are the reason why today this beautiful place attracts more and more visitors. Koprivshtitsa is an ideal location for a quiet vacation. The town is full of small family hotels with the typical Koprivshtitsa home arrangement and perfectly maintained yards, flecked with multiple flowers. You will be impressed by the quietness and the clear mountain air. The town has a number of landmarks that attract attention and inspire poets, artists and singers. Here you can see multiple stone works of art, such as tombstones, sculptures, busts bridges and taps. Every work of art among these is a masterpiece itself. However, most fascinating are the old houses of prominent Bulgarian historical figures, which have been transformed into museums today. Every year, at the end of the summer, Koprivshtitsa hosts the traditional National Bulgarian Folklore Fair with more than 10,000 musicians, singers and dancers participating in it.