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Arbanasi is one of the most picturesque old villages in Bulgaria. It is located on the rocky plateau bearing the same name and presenting a unique view towards the medieval part of the old Bulgarian capital of Veliko Tarnovo. Arbanasi is famous for its distinctive residential architecture and churches abounding in murals. e village was found in the 13th century by Bulgarian boyars. It gradually developed into a rich trade settlement with more than 1000 houses. The houses are astounding with their rough exterior view and high stone fences that contrast with the pretty inner yards and the unique coziness and comfort of the interior spaces. The ceilings, doors, furniture, and windows are richly decorated with wood-carvings e walls are adorned with plaster ornaments and are painted with flowers and plant elements. Especially beautiful are the 7 churches preserved from the 17th century. With their high solid outer walls, small windows and unbreakable iron-clad oak doors, they are in harmony with the general architectural appearance of the village. Almost devoid of external decorations, the churches are richly painted and adorned with incredibly beautiful wood-carvings on the inside.