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varna_delphiVarna is the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the third largest city in Bulgaria. It is also called the marine capital of Bulgaria. The city of Varna is a major tourist destination, a starting point for all the resorts in the northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, business and university center, seaport, and headquarters of the Bulgarian Navy and merchant marine. The city has a rich historical legacy dating from the eneolithic necropolis (mid-5th millennium BC radiocarbon dating), through Thracian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman times.

Nowadays, as a big modern city, Varna also offers every kind of entertainment for its visitors whether they are young or old. There are shopping centers, clubs, beach bars and discos organizing salsa shows. A walk in the city center can be combined with site seeing and could finish with a relaxing rest by the sea or in the beautiful Sea Garden. In Varna you can visit the Dolphinarium, where you can witness performances of swim with the dolphins. There is also the National Naval Museum, among other cultural sites.