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Sofia – The Capital

Vitosha Str. in Sofia

The capital of Bulgaria is a modern lively city. There are luxurious swimming pools to enjoy during the summer and beautiful parks with rickshas, attractions for kids, cafes and restaurants. Among them are the Borisova Garden or the King’s Garden, the City Garden in front of the National Theater, the South Park  and Vitosha mountain. A nice place to visit during the summer is the Pancharevo Lake, where you can rent a boat, go fishing, take a walk in the surrounding woods or enjoy sun tanning.

In the Borisova Garden Park you can also rent a boat or water wheel and ride them in the Ariana Lake right in the center of the city. During the winter, the lake hosts a large ice skating slide.

There are many shopping centers and malls, where you can find world famous brands and local retailers on affordable prices.

Paradise Mall in Sofia

Sofia offers a wide variety of choices for you to spend your evenings and nights. There are many rooftop bars in the city center with beautiful panorama views and attractive menus. You can also enjoy cocktail bars with dozens of unique recipes and styles for every taste. Another strong point is the diverse musical culture and we are proud to say that there is a place for everybody – whether you listen to rock, house, hip hop, pop, modern music or even traditional Bulgarian music. An amazing experience are the pool parties, which take place at Sofia’s pools every Saturday from June to September. They are mostly hip hop or house events, but gather many people and have different topics every week – foam party, dress code party or dance contests.

You can also enjoy walks in the city center and visit the many historical monuments, galleries, museums or the National Opera. Another way of entertainment are the many casinos in the capital where you can try your luck on a live roulette, machines or a Black Jack game, among others.