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Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and is definitely one of the most beautiful cities to visit. “The city of the seven hills” is the European Capital of Culture for 2015 and proudly represents an inspiring mixture of the whole Bulgarian history from Thracian to modern times. For just a day you can learn about the ancient Thracian town Eumolpias on Nebet Tepe (Nebet Hill), visit the Roman Amphitheater, take a walk through the Old town and enjoy the view of Plovdiv from the times of the Bulgarian Revival and in the end have an ice cream on the beautiful lively main street.

plovdiv3Most of the shops are located in the city center on the main street and the surrounding streets, but there are also shopping malls if you prefer everything to be at one place. The City Garden is located in the center at the end of the main street and is a great place to escape the hot weather during the summer. There are alleys for nice walks, attractions for children and small lakes with fountains and fishes. In the evening you can witness the beautiful musical and lightning show of the Singing Fountains in the end of the Garden. You can enjoy it from the benches in the park or from the nearby restaurant.

There are many bars, clubs and discos for every taste and authentic Bulgarian taverns. Plovdiv is a modern city with many young people and providing various activities to its guests.Another attraction in Plovdiv is the Rowing Canal. The whole complex is a big park, including a Zoo Park, tennis courts, restaurants and bars. You can take a walk by the canal and witness the passing canoes and enjoy the serenity of the water.